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Water Services

Private Wells




Trash & Septic Services


Delta Liquid Energy

Which water company provides your service will depend on your address. Please contact your realtor or the companies directly to find out. Some residences in the KRV have their own private well.

SCE is the electrical utility company serving the KRV. Rates vary by time of year and whether or not your household qualifies for discounted rates. Additionally, some households use electricity primarily for lighting and appliances, while others also use electricity for home and water heating. Most households in the KRV use propane for heating. Some use wood heat, whether through the use of a pellet stove or a wood burning stove. Stoves are sold locally at TrueValue, TrueValue Builder's Mart, Ace/L&M Lumber, and Barnes Bargains, all of whom are members of the the KRV Chamber of Commerce.

Kern River Propane

Home Insurance

Home Insurance rates vary in the KRV, and some homes in especially high fire risk areas may only qualify for a state plan. Please visit our business directory for a listing on our member insurance brokers that can answer your questions about your specific property. Fred Clark is the current president of our chamber of commerce.

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