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Retiree/60+ Membership - 12 Months

Retiree/60+ Membership - 12 Months


This membership will be good for 12 months.   Example: If you join on the 15th of January, you're membership will be valid thorough January of the following year.  Auto-Pay is not set up for this transaction.  Your renwal is not automated.   


Please complete your membership form at this link:


Please send a digital copy of your logo, photo, or other representation of your business to  This step is required to be listed in our business directory.  Please send logos in both JPG and PNG formats at a minimum resolution of 300px.


If you do not have a digital copy of your logo, or would create or make changes to it or related filed, please let us know and we can connect you to a local chamber member that can help.  

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