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President's Message

Hello KRV,


I want to start by thanking mother nature for a small dose of snow just to remind us what it looks like, unfortunately as we jump into March odd are we will see little to none of the greatly needed snow pack in the high country. Our lake and river will be happy with whatever she gives us.


Big shout out to the Kernville Chamber of Commerce for another great event with Whiskey Flats Days 2022 in the books. Congratulations to both mayoral candidates for the hard work performed, McGene who raised $22,288 for the KVUSD kids trip to D.C. and Flap Jack Jackie who raised $16,769 for the soup kitchen in Lake Isabella at Knuckle Up Church.


Both causes will receive fifty percent of the money raised for two very worthy causes.Your Kern River Valley Chamber of Commerce is in full derby mode right now as the 31st Annual Isabella Lake Fishing Derby is only five weeks out.


Our team of volunteers has been feeding approximately 10,000 trout in the rearing pins at Red’s Marina which will be released prior the event in addition to an addition 500 tagged trout with values from $20 -$5,000 which is the same format as last year’s event.


Our derby will run from April 9 – July 4, 2022 in addition we will have our Derby headquarters this year at the senior center. Be ready for the Blind Boogie again with $1,000 being given away on Saturday and Sunday in addition to all the normal fun at HQ.


Make sure to enter the derby on or before March 30, 2022 to be entered into the Early Bird for a shot at an easy $250 before you even get your line wet. Enter online at or in person at the chamber of commerce.


Fireworks - Once again we are in need of your assistance if the fireworks show scheduled for July 2, 2022 is going to take place. Our vendor for the event has raised the price from $25,000 to $37,500 and we are roughly $8,000 short as of today.


We have received almost $2500 in donations since Feb 1, 2022 but we are still a long way off, every dime counts and place any available loose change in the fireworks canisters which are distributed all over the valley in our local supporting businesses.


Everyone in the valley who enjoys this event thanks you!


On Wednesday March 9, 2022 we are pleased to have a representative from Rocky Mountain Recreation who is the new concessionaire as our guest speaker at the monthly general membership meeting which takes place at Highway 178 Bar and Grill.


They will be here to share the information on the changes which recently took place that effects our shoreline, day use areas and camp sites in our region. If you wish to attend please RSVP as seating is limited for this event, contact the chamber or RSVP on our Facebook page.


Please remember to utilize your chamber, we are here to serve you.Thank you and Stay Safe.


Fred Clark,



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